Our top 5 web 3.0 and NFT predictions for 2022

Our top 5 web 3.0 and NFT predictions for 2022
Our top 5 web 3.0 and NFT predictions for 2022

The end of the year is here and therefore it’s the ultimate moment to look forward to what’s coming in cryptoland! Without further ado, let’s give you our top 5 predictions for web3 and NFT:

  1. More traditional “centralized” companies will flock into web3.

While web3 is all about the decentralized internet and “you” own Web3, a lot of traditional companies will move their attention to web3 and how they can own it. Prime example is obviously Facebook, a company that even changed their name to Meta just for the sake to pretend they can own the metaverse (or at least sue every other company trying to use Meta in their name).

2. Brands, brands, brands

Since our target audience is brands, this is definitely a prediction we welcome with open arms. We predict that brands will become further active in the metaverse and that they will realize that NFTs are a perfect mean to do brand marketing. The Sayl conn3ct solution is exactly answering this need for more utility and the creation of brand loyalty.

NFTs are a perfect mean to do brand marketing

3. NFT and metaverse will become the Instagram of brands

Consumers always look for the next big thing, and like they moved from Instagram to TikTok, we see further adoption of metaverses and buying of NFTs. Brands will put less effort in Instagram and will be present in these metaverses and NFTs. We believe the world will also be introduced to new, currently unknown, brands, that simply start as “NFT native”. Likewise with Instagram, you can place your bet that the Kardashians have soon their own personal NFT brand.

4. Owning an NFT will become a mean of digital identity

Owners of certain NFTs will come together based on the type of NFTs they own, and will create a group’s identity based on that. Call it a new form of social network where like on Facebook today you have specialised pages for practically every subject you can imagine.Well, these pages will turn to new metaverses.

5. Defi becomes more mature but also more regulated

Decentralized identity and on-chain KYC attestation services will play key roles in connecting users’ real identity with Defi wallet endpoints.